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A physician transitioning to a new leadership role. A senior manager looking to refine interpersonal skills. An executive seeking advice in advance of a challenging board presentation. An administrator looking to shift to a brand new career path.

Judi's goal is always the same...

She delivers efficient, effective coaching that puts executives on a clear path to progress with:
- Enhanced self-awareness
- Positive, productive communication
- Customized strategies to address challenges and build on strengths
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tailored individually for you

comprehensive coaching

Tailored to the individual client, Judi’s comprehensive coaching program involves 3 to 12 months of one-on-one sessions, in person or by phone or Skype. This process typically includes:
• INTRODUCTORY MEETING to discuss personal and professional objectives and scope of engagement.
• REVIEW OF PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL HISTORY and other relevant background information.
• ASSESSMENT PHASE with a series of discussions, interviews, measurements, and evaluations.
• FEEDBACK PHASE to share results and findings.
• SYNTHESIS where coach and client look at the aggregate in the context of anticipated goals.
• ACTION PLAN encompassing what the client seeks to change, potential obstacles and assets, and appropriate benchmarks.
• STAKEHOLDER MEETING if appropriate, with managers and/or others in the organization to review the plan.
• INDIVIDUAL COACHING sessions focused on the client’s areas of strength and challenge with emphasis on behaviors that will increase overall effectiveness.
• SUMMARY SESSION to discuss status and strategies for maintaining momentum.
professional development conversations

just-in-time coaching

In addition to comprehensive coaching, Judi is available for timely professional development conversations focused on a pressing issue. With expertise, candor, and perspective, Judi helps clients confront and troubleshoot a variety of issues such as how to approach a difficult conversation or the complexity of workplace dynamics.

A trusted resource, Judi helps clients find unique, practical strategies for the short-term as well as self-motivation for long-term success.
mutual trust for maximum impact

chemistry check

Judi believes in mutual trust for maximum impact, so each engagement begins with a “chemistry check” to determine whether it’s a good coach-client fit. From there, she skillfully guides her clients through a process of reflection, learning, and growth. Judi offers a comprehensive coaching program as well as “just in time” coaching for more immediate outcomes.



"Thanks so much for yesterday’s course. I particularly appreciated how you differentiated between words such as 'aggressive' and 'assertive.' I learned that Emotional Intelligence is not something you’re born with, but something you have the ability to develop given the right coaching and learning."

- Linda S.- Provider Recruitment

"Judi, you have been a life saver for me... your coaching has turned my life around!"

- Brenda W., MBA - Administrative Director, Department of Academic Affairs

"I left the presentation better able to prepare for difficult conversations. And although I am not in a leadership role, this helped me to think – and act! – like a leader."

- Presentation participant -

"The information you presented, the real life examples discussed with your group as well as your suggestions for responses, made it a really great session."

- Carolynn H. - Provider Recruitment

"Judi, several members of my team attended your Emotional Intelligence presentation and gained a great amount of knowledge on the subject. They asked that I let you know how expertly the information was presented and the vast amount of knowledge they gained from it. Thank you for all your work and commitment of time in the presentation."

- Pamela S. - Director, Physician Recruitment

"Judi’s skills...have truly guided my development in effective team building, conflict resolution, negotiation, and organizational effectiveness strategies. The trusting and mentoring relationship we have built has made me a better team member, manager, director, and leader."

- Gladys F., MD - Administrative Manager

"Working with Judi has given me the guidance, encouragement, and confidence to take a giant step in my career. I earned a promotion from Manager to Director and have experienced great success because I included a valuable coach as a resource in my journey."

- Michelle B. - Director of Referral Services

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